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"Button-Eater Lad?" "Present!" "Mutton-Eater Lad?" "He's sick!"

Lore Fitzgerald Sjoberg is the funniest man on the Internet. Progenitor of The Brunching Shuttlecocks, he currently writes a weekly column for Wired online, called Alt Text. In its latest installment, Lore discusses superheroes who haven't yet gotten their own movies.

I bring this up to mention that his pitch for a movie based on Matter-Eater Lad of The Legion of Super-Heroes has me sold. Team MEL up with Bouncing Boy, you've got a wacky buddy comedy starring Ben Stiller and Jack Black. Stiller would play Matter-Eater Lad, who, for irony, would be anorexic (think Zoolander in tights). Black, as Bouncing Boy... would be pretty much like Jack Black in every other movie he's in.


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