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For the record, I'm with Faye on this one. Ewwww.

So, yeah, this blog thing. I totally update it all the time.

Today's Questionable Content is an oddity- the man himself calls it a 'strange comic', which in my opinion understates things somewhat. Usually, in QC, the strangest thing that happens is maybe Pintsize behaving oddly (i.e. Pintsize showing up, period). Oh, or the Tequila Monster. Or Pizza Girl. Okay, so it's sort of an odd series in general. But it's usually a kind and benevolent sort of odd, not wiggly-mandible GIANT GRUB IN YOUR BURRITO AUGH odd.

The humor of an average QC strip consists of a ridiculous metaphor or hypothetical situation developed via the characters' conversation, with the punchline consisting of the discussion reaching or exceeding its 'logical' extreme. I have to go back more than a dozen strips in the archive to find an installment that doesn't seem to fit this humor template (being an episode where 'punchline' is literal). Today's hypothetical, though somewhat more disgusting than most, follows the pattern well enough. But for the punchline- actual bugs in your burrito! Ha ha ha. (I'm sure Mr. Jacques didn't intend to tap into a repressed fear of mine, but dang! I am not going to be able to eat Taco Bell for a week now... and I'm not sure my system can survive that long without Taco Bell.)

Mr. Jacques links to an artist named David Firth, citing him as an influence on this particular strip. I'll have to check that guy out sometime.


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