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Let's start out easy for our first one: Questionable Content

I like Questionable Content a lot. I know I'm not the only one. I also really like the blossoming relationship between Marten and Dora. Faye's fine and all, but Dora's just awesome on every level. A good example of that is comic #610.

That Dora can talk to Marten about fairly serious things like this- Marten is literally passive to a fault- while keeping a sense of humor is a character trait I admire. It's also a sign of Jacques' growth as a storyteller that he can take these kind of shots at his main character. Dora expressing some leavened-but-honest frustration at Marten's passivity is a refreshing change from the Marten/Faye dynamic, where everything seems to be either totally frivolous or utterly serious.

A large part of it is that when Dora's flirting with Marten, you know she's not just leading him on. That's gotta be a pleasant change of pace for the poor dude.


  • i really like dora, shes a refreshing change from faye. faye bothers the fuck out of me, as a girl, she's just a big fucking bully and picks on martin and everyone else to no end. its like, yeah yeah, i know ur dad blew his brains out in front of you and all, but GET OVER IT AND STOP TREATING EVERYONE LIKE SHIT.
    i came across QC at a time when i'm having crazy dating issues, so i take the whole thing very to heart. then again, im a big dork.
    yay bob's first blog!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:41 AM GMT-5  

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