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Sluggish Freelance (sorry, that was a low blow)

Sluggy Freelance is now officially updating again, after a week-and-a-half of stick figures (amusing) and 'teasers' (annoying). Personally, I liked the controversial epic storyline "Oceans Unmoving". It was engrossing and amusing in and of itself. Sure, Torg and Riff weren't around, but it's not nineteen-ninety-nine anymore... I don't miss Eiffel 65, either. This day-to-day stuff is killing me! Sluggy evolved past gag-a-day long ago, and the (relatively) mundane travails of Gwynn and Riff feels like a step backwards. And what ever happened with the romantic tension between those characters? And wasn't Gwynn evil, or something? And what is Torg's job now? And Pete's dredging up Oasis again? Man, that feels like so long ago.

Part of this is just the downside of having one of the richest mythologies in webcomics- it gets harder to top each adventure, characters and plots get lost in the shuffle, and you can't please all of the people all of the time. But there are just too many dangling plot threads in Sluggy for me to enjoy a strip that advances none of them. It's time to be harvesting some of the plot seeds you've planted, not sowing more.

Of course, none of this is to say that I don't like Sluggy- I love Sluggy, even when an individual day's strip doesn't thrill me. It was the very first webcomic I read, back when comics on the internet seemed like a crazy novelty that would never take off. I could no more stop reading Sluggy than I could stop using Apple computers. So I really don't mean to be down on Mr. Pete Abrams; it's obvious the guy's worked to the bone. When he again raises Sluggy to the full heights of its humorous and dramatic excellence, I'll be pleased to be here saying, "I told you so".


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