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Webcomics Can Teach You Things

It's Friday! Welcome to the First Friday of the Big Bob-Blog. Today, we will discuss all the things that webcomics can teach you. Listen well, children!

- Penny and Aggie tells you what to be aware of.

- Sore Thumbs, as ever, has a clever-yet-bizarre take on the geek headline du jour.

- A follow-up to Wednesday's post: in Luann, Brad must now contend with the soul-crushing horror of mother answers.

- The final panel of today's Scary-Go-Round marks the first time this brilliant, beautiful, British humor comic has actually scared me. Ryan's visiting his dead girlfriend in the afterlife, and isn't it always frightful to re-encounter someone you used to date, and find out they've changed?

- Shortpacked brings us the news that all girls need to take off their pants. No, really, the Bible says so! Willis gave us proof!

And don't forget, tomorrow, May 6th, is the Fifth Annual Free Comic Book Day. Fifth annual! It seems like only yesterday I was in Toronto on a chorus trip, awaiting the opening of the Spider-Man movie with slobbering impatience, playing the soundtrack album over and over again... good times (sorta).

Anyway! Go to your local comic book retailer, get free comics. I especially recommend the Image and Marvel offerings, featuring samples of Runaways and Invincible, two of the greatest comic series currently published. For more information, visit the FCBD FAQ.


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