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My Favorite Freaky Writers, Installment One: Warren Ellis

You know what's a good way to freak yourself out? Read Warren Ellis' writings. Not his superhero stuff so much- those are nothing more or less than insanely high-quality superhero comics. I'm talking his really weird stuff. He posts these little micro-stories on his LiveJournal that he calls "Submunitions". I recommend The Evil of Television, The Thought That Counts, and 060606 for starters, though there doesn't appear to be a paucity of the things. Want to get really freaked? Check out SuperIdol, a full comic story of indeterminate origin. No Global Frequency saving the day, here- hell, I'd even settle for Grant Morrison's Marvel Boy. Warren Ellis, when unconstrained by the soul-crushing burden of work-for-hire toil (note sarcasm) isn't one for happy endings. He doesn't seem to see things getting better all the time; just a species getting a little closer to death.


Starbucksian Rock City

Mitch Clem- formerly of Nothing Nice to Say, the punk-rock-themed runaway webcomic hit of 2003- has posted another Starbucks comic at his new online home, San Antonio Rock City. Having spent a year toiling in the over-roasted bean mines myself, I appreciate these little nuggets of snark. Have some more.

I really like SARC a lot more than I liked NN2S. I enjoy Mitch Clem's style of humor, but insofar as I am not so much "hardcore" as "soft-and-squishy-core", I couldn't quite relate to some of the subject matter. SARC confirms my long-held suspicion that, despite all his posturing (read the newspost), Mitch Clem is a lot like me. Plus, it includes the world's only acceptable non-condemnatory reference to Larry the Cable Guy.

Nothing Nice to Say still calls itself "the world's FIRST online punk comic". That can't be true, can it? Anyone who emails me evidence proving the existence of an online punk comic prior to 2/25/2002 gets a No-Prize.