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Ironically, as I type this, I'm not wearing any pants at all.

Tonight I discovered, and fell in love with, Songs To Wear Pants To. I first encountered The Touchtone Genius- which serves as a microcosm of the site, aside from being brilliant in and of itself- through Channel Frederator, "the world's original cartoon podcast" (episode 14). I had no idea, though, that there was such a wealth of other material. Basically, you type whatever idiocy coalesces in your mind into a form on this guy's website, and if your blatherings catch his fancy, he composes a song based on your 'instructions'. This has resulted in such bizarre-yet-enthralling ditties as Kamikaze Highlander, Half Your Recommended Daily Intake Of Fat, Mike Celestino, What Have You Done With Star Wars?, and an ode to Washington D.C.'s most valuable resource, If The Metro Don't Go There It Don't Exist.

There's also a Celtic-punk-polka cover of They Might Be Giants' "Experimental Film", which, um, isn't really that much different.


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