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The lesson here is that nerdy girls are the hottest.

Over in Baldo, the eponymous leading man's tomboy ex-girlfriend has gotten one hell of a makeover. And she calls herself "Denise" now. She's an Uptown Girl, too good for the guy from the 'hood. Poor Baldo. I'll start the countdown until she realizes that she needs to be 'true to herself', possibly after receiving a brutal shunning from her new friends as comeuppance, and goes back to Baldo... and her old, frumpy style. Poor, poor Baldo.

It's interesting to me that in nine out of ten works of fiction, significant improvements to a character's physical appearance and the character becoming a jerk or otherwise ditching the main character go hand-in-hand. Then, when they return to being a good guy, they return to their previous appearance. Just once, I'd like the character to realize that he/she has been a jerk, repent, and return to the side of the hero, but also say "y'know, I kinda like my new look- I'll stop being a jerk, but I'm keeping the hair". Off hand, I can only recall this happening in Harry Potter.

"Batman is comedy gold. He can make anything funny". Witness one of my favorite past installments of Loserz, and this week's excellent Rob and Elliot.

I'm Blue, meet No Pink Ponies. No Pink Ponies, I'm Blue. I think you two superb comics about beautiful geek women will get along swimmingly.


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