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My Favorite Freaky Writers, Installment One: Warren Ellis

You know what's a good way to freak yourself out? Read Warren Ellis' writings. Not his superhero stuff so much- those are nothing more or less than insanely high-quality superhero comics. I'm talking his really weird stuff. He posts these little micro-stories on his LiveJournal that he calls "Submunitions". I recommend The Evil of Television, The Thought That Counts, and 060606 for starters, though there doesn't appear to be a paucity of the things. Want to get really freaked? Check out SuperIdol, a full comic story of indeterminate origin. No Global Frequency saving the day, here- hell, I'd even settle for Grant Morrison's Marvel Boy. Warren Ellis, when unconstrained by the soul-crushing burden of work-for-hire toil (note sarcasm) isn't one for happy endings. He doesn't seem to see things getting better all the time; just a species getting a little closer to death.


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