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Now, he will SHOW THEM ALL!

It's been nearly six years in coming, but in Narbonic, Shaenon Garrity's brilliant, modern-classic webcomic about the life and times of a mad genius, her evil intern, and the put-upon techie who works for them, Dave, the aforementioned put-upon techie, is finally blossoming into the full flower of his own latent evil-genius-ness. It's at the worst possible time for all concerned, of course, and may end up causing the destruction of mankind, but man- this is going to be good. I like the text styling she uses here as Dave gets excited and his mind fills with twisted possibilities. It's the little touches like that that make Garrity such a master.

Speaking of things long-suppressed, this past weekend Greg Evans finally gave in to his darker urges and presented Luann the naked exhibitionist while Bernice, who apparently is actually a fifty-five-year-old woman who failed ninth grade a lot, made a remark that surprised nobody. Today, Tiffany is kind of a racist, which is also not surprising. It looks like the "Luann And Bernice Trick Tiffany Into Thinking She's Going To Be A Movie Star But It's Not That Funny Because Really They're Just Crushing Her Hopes And Dreams In A Way That Will Lead Her To Murder Them, Hopefully, Because That Would Be Interesting" plotline is going to be resolved without actually getting rid of Tiffany, though where there is life, there's hope. Hope for a character to get brutally killed off. C'mon, Evans, seven years after the fact is just about your speed for tackling Columbine! Go for it!, I'm morbid tonight.


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