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Thoughts while watching the premiere of Who Wants To Be A Superhero? on Sci-Fi Channel

So I'm watching Who Wants To Be A Superhero?, and while Nitro G has the best costume, my choice (from what I've seen so far) is Feedback. I mean, c'mon, he started his origin with "My father died when I was young" or something. He's got it made. He's also got an impressive costume- looks very durable and practical.

Although I have to say- Cell Phone Girl? Call me, call me, any, any time. Hotcha! She's also got some fairly well-thought-out powers, judging from the bio online. I may have to root for her...

Levity, who immediately self-identified as homosexual, got knocked off right away. Northstar could've told you, dude- gay superheroes always get the shaft (pun very much not intended).

Stan Lee has a framed picture of Stripperella on the wall behind him whenever he appears. That's kind of creepy.

Oh, no, Feedback blew right past the extremely-unconvincing crying little girl. Oh, Feedback, you dope. Didn't you ever see Spider-Man 2?

Whoo! Cell Phone Girl's stopped to help! Good for her. :-) She did have to think about it a little, but she came through in the end (plus she's hot). She wins. Spider-Man would be proud.

Oop, Nitro G blew it too. So did Honor Greek Guy, Vegan Ho, Creepy Gun Dude, and Fur Bikini Lass. Way to fail to be superheroes, dopes. Mr. Incredible-by-way-of-Bruce Cambell Man, Makes-Power-Girl-Look-Modest-By-Comparison Woman and Fat Momma (can't beat that name) all passed. Good for them... I guess.

What?!? He ditched Nitro G and kept Creepy Gun Dude? I mean, Nitro G really, really failed the costume-changing test, but c'mon, Stan, vengeful trigger-happy 'heroes' went out of fashion in about 1992. Even your famously-out-of-touch self has to have figured that out by now. The producers are probably hoping that if they keep Gun Dude around, he'll do something outrageous before he goes. I just hope he doesn't pull it together and end up winning. That would be sad.

In conclusion, I'll probably tune in again next week, if only for Cell Phone Girl. She can possibly give me cancer whenever she likes. ;-d

Now, the highly-anticipated television premiere of The Amazing Screw-On Head! If you didn't see it, don't worry- the whole thing is available online, for free. Don't miss out!


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